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What is a Patreon Pack?

From February 2015 to February 2017, LeAndra Dawn’s Patreon page was open for pledges to receive images and content related to those images. Content included high resolution images, detail sheets, image walkthroughs (About the Image), timelapse videos, tips and extras. Later packs included step-by-step images and image studies. Both of these types of packs are now slowly becoming available on LeAndra Dawn’s stores.

LeAndra Dawn’s Patreon page is still updated, but content releases are on hold (no return date yet).

Patreon Pack Content Overview


JPGs and High Resolution JPGs

Included in Patreon Packs are standard sized JPGs for the images that were released in that month. Sizes vary, but generally have dimensions of 1200. 1-4 per pack.

Also included in Patreon Packs are high resolution JPGs for some of the images that were released in that month. Sizes vary, but generally have dimensions of 3000. 1-3 per pack.


Detail Sheets

Included in Patreon Packs are Detail Sheets for some of the images that were released in that month. Includes full resolution portions in a sheet layout (JPG). 1-3 per pack.

In-depth PDF

Included in Patreon Packs is a PDF which may contain:
Pack Info – Extras how-to and installation (see below), zip and content list, Terms of Use, links and more.
About the Image – An in-depth look at an image released that month. It provides a walkthrough of the image, plus tips and other information such as on scene setup, materials and lighting. 1-2 per pack/PDF.
Product Lists – Images are mostly created in 3D with purchased content from various sites. These lists provide the information on products that were used including helpful labeled images and easy-to-click links when available. 1-4 per pack/PDF.
Tip of the Month – A brief tutorial and tip that ranges in topics. 1 per pack/PDF.



Photoshop timelapse video of the Photoshop portion of an image released that month. Provided in .mp4 (zipped) format. Typically 1 per pack.

‘Grandeur’ timelapse (full version): YouTube | Vimeo
‘Breach’ timelapse: Dropbox download, ~131MB



Included in Patreon Packs are Extra content which vary in categories. Extras may range anywhere from gradients, backgrounds, textures to material files and PSDs. Included in the PDF is Extra how-to’s and installation tips.

New Content in October 2015+ Patreon Packs

Below content is only included in October 2015 – February 2017 Patreon Packs (the bulk of the packs). Check products before purchasing.


Updated PDF (october 2015 – february 2017)

Additions to the In-Depth PDF include:
New Look: Larger, new graphics, fonts and layouts
Resources page: Brand new Resources page which can be found at the end of the PDF. This page includes links for tutorials, artists, free stuff and other resources. Also includes brief information on lights as well as tools and software used.


Step-by-Step Progress Images (january 2016 – february 2017)

Included in Patreon Packs are Step-by-Step Progress images. These typically include six (6) work in progress shots to show the progression of an image. Provided in one JPG file. 1-4 step-by-steps per pack.


Image Studies (january 2016 – february 2017)

Included in Patreon Packs are Image Studies. These are full to the brim with information on some of the images released that month. May include: full light settings, material settings, solution to problems, tips and much more. This differs from ‘About the Image’ (In-depth PDF, above). Image Studies are not walkthroughs, but smatterings of information included with an image. 1-3 per pack.