LeAndra Dawn is a digital freelance artist specializing in 3D rendered images, website creation and graphic design. Primary software includes Daz Studio 4, Poser Pro 2014, Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Dreamweaver.

Name: LeAndra Dawn
AKA: Cylithera, KaAnna
Education: Self-taught

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Daz Studio 4 Advanced
Poser Pro 2014
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe InDesign

Inspirations & Favorites

Artists: Danny LuVisi, Tetsuya Nomura, Linda Bergkvist, Giana, Yoshitako Amano, Tim Burton, Mirja T.
Games: Final Fantasy, Fallout, Anvil of Dawn, Dragon Age series, Battleborn, Diablo series, Warcraft series, Eye of the Beholder series, Ravenloft series
Music: Green Day, Muse, Blizzard music, Nobuo Uematsu
Other Inspirations: Arthas, Chris Metzen, Nightmare Before Christmas


2015 – Current Stormlands boardgame by Clockwork Phoenix Games.
2012 September – Artwork for GameSims for browser game Gangfare/MafiaSim
2012 July – ‘Plunderer’s Greed’ featured in Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé 10. (Exposé 10)
2012 JulyThe Bog Shaman featured in Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé 10. (Exposé 10)
2011 August – Advertising flyers for Heatwave Interactive for video game Gods & Heroes.
2011 JuneQueen – Steampunk featured in Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé 9. (Exposé 9)
2011 April – Daily Deviation – Plunderer’s Greed (DeviantArt Page) (What is a Daily Deviation?)
2010 December – Daily Deviation – Whispering Wind (DeviantArt Page) (What is a Daily Deviation?)
2010 – 2015 – Placement in various RuntimeDNA Challenges (as cylithera)
2004 – 2011 – Placement in various Daz Studio and Poser contests (as Ka-Anna and cylithera)