Hello! My name is LeAndra Dawn and I am a digital freelance artist specializing in 3D rendered images and graphic design.

While I was always interested in drawing, it wasn’t until my teen years that my interest in art really took off. Photoshop 4’s blending modes fascinated me and I spent a lot of time experimenting in the software. After, I moved into Bryce, then Poser/Daz Studio where I’ve been ever since. My very early art influences were Linda Bergkvist, ToxicAngel, Will Kramer, RogueElement among many others.

In my early career, many of my Poser/Daz Studio images were heavily painted with hair, clothing and effects much like many of my influences at the time. As the years progressed, however, I started to lean more toward enhancing my 3D renders instead of heavily painting over them.

Around 2013, I started taking my art seriously as a profession. I began to take commissions which eventually led to working on board and video game art. I participated in Facebook art groups, created art for vendors and continued to work with clients for commissions.

Throughout the years as an artist, I’ve taken long breaks either because of health reasons or more often, difficulty with creating art. I’ve often disappeared from social media for months at a time with no art to show for it. I’ve been working a long time on how to fix this, how to create more often and have passion for what I create. But it’s a long road!

As I move into this new era of my art, I have many plans for the future. I’ve begun trying to rewire my brain to remove negative associations with my art, loosen my grip on it and try to find the joy in it again. I’d like to move back into painting clothes and hair like I did in my early career. But I also want to do everything. 3D modelling, cute portraits, decadent clothing, involved scenes and much more. I created this website overhaul as a central hub to everything regarding my art. An easy place for me to upload whatever I want, whenever I want! Thank you for visiting my website and for your support!

Social Media

Daz Studio 4 Advanced
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe InDesign
Maxon ZBrush
Marmoset Toolbag
3DS Max 2012

Career Highlights

2018 – 2021 – Board game art for Steamforged Games
2015 – 2018 – Stormlands boardgame by Clockwork Phoenix Games.
2012 September – Artwork for GameSims for browser game Gangfare/MafiaSim
2012 July – Plunderer’s Greed featured in Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé 10.
2012 July – The Bog Shaman featured in Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé 10.
2011 August – Advertising flyers for Heatwave Interactive for video game Gods & Heroes.
2011 June – Queen – Steampunk featured in Ballistic Publishing’s Exposé 9.
2011 April – Daily Deviation – Plunderer’s Greed (DeviantArt Page) (What is a Daily Deviation?)
2010 December – Daily Deviation – Whispering Wind (DeviantArt Page) (What is a Daily Deviation?)
2010 – 2015 – Placement in various RuntimeDNA Challenges (as cylithera)
2004 – 2011 – Placement in various Daz Studio and Poser contests (as Ka-Anna and cylithera)


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