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This image was created solely to play with Fabiana’s beads (link below). I had to have them as soon as I saw them and they are fantastic. One of my main goals was to show gravity with the beads, so making her lean backwards was a good way to achieve this. Most of the beads were fit to her and simulated as-is but a few of the others were duplicates, scaled and placed manually. The straight beads were simulated against a cylinder (to hang from).

Once the figure was clothed, hair added and the beads placed how I wanted to, it was then onto the background. Up to this point, while I do love the colors and it had a lot of potential, I was losing interest and nearly canned it. But my good friend Obscuro Arcanum helped me to keep going by giving me feedback and ideas on what else to do with it. I also liked it enough where, despite my feelings about it, I wanted to finish it. I started with the candle-holder-turned-pedestal, then it was onto the vase and flowers, window and curtains. Several of the props and background elements that I used are from older sets where I had to add and adjust the Iray settings manually. I think a lot of older sets still work very well and the Guildhall (link below) worked perfectly for the fancy architecture at the top.

Postwork was fairly minimal, bringing out some details, adjusting some lighting and some hair painting.

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