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These are my final render settings for Daz Studio 4.16 (yes I’m still on 4.16!) before moving into Photoshop and postwork. If anyone has suggestions or comments on these, I’d love to hear them! If there’s anything else you’d like to see, let me know in the comments as well.

These are changed settings only. Defaults are not listed.

Tone Mapping varies widely with each image, but I typically don’t use it.

(The image above features a cyan-color to my menu since I changed the color scheme in Daz Studio. You can do so in Window > Style > Customize Style)

Image Size

  • Anywhere between 4500-6000px at the highest dimension depending on the image

Progressive Rendering

  • Min Update Samples: 5
  • Min Samples: 100
  • Max Samples: 15000
  • Max Time (secs): 21600
  • Rendering Quality Enable: On
  • Rendering Quality: 8
  • Rendering Converged Ratio: 100%


  • Pixel Filter: mitchell
  • Post Denoiser Available: Off

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